Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hubert Laws,The Rite of Spring

I'm relatively new to Jazz listening,though I found this old Hubert Laws album buried deep in my collection some time back and realised that I had began my Jazz collection many years ago.Not a bad random pick considering what little experience I had with Jazz back then.
Somehow life had pulled me away from the essence of, "Jazz" the purest form of music, according to some anyway.Probably not the most recognised Jazz recording though Hubert Laws has always held a special place for me.

So many years later, here I find myself,  with a fairly substantial Jazz collection in my "Great wall of Vinyl"! once again listening to Hubert Laws and revelling in the skill he commands with the use of the Flute.
 I am by no means an expert in music, I just know what I like. My collection of Hubert on the "CTI" label has grown much thicker since acquiring the "Rite Of Spring" album.I find I am always keeping an eye open for any finds I may come across while searching through record bins.